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About Us / Meeting Charleston's Transportation Needs 

IMAGE: Charleston Airport Taxi and Limo ServicesOur service to Charleston is well over 20 years strong. 

We are all in the transportation service industry because we want to be. It is a chosen profession. However, we do maintain memberships to multiple professional organizations.

We take pride in helping others. We still believe there is something to be said for Southern Hospitality...even today. That's what we want to reflect "ABOUT US".

We are all busy individuals. However, when you are in the business of serving others there is no "too busy " for common courtesy, respect, promptness and gratitude.

As in any other profession that deals with the public at large there are going to be misunderstandings. These are to be handled with tact and consideration.

Ultimately, in this life we will all be "arriving" at the same place...eventually.
Let's enjoy a pleasant ride along the way!

Have a great day.


843-607-5456 office 

The Charleston Airport Limo Taxi Association is looking for a few Independent Contractor Drivers. Honorably discharged military personnel  and retired civilians are welcomed.

A clean driving record and SLED report is desired.

If you are interested, Please fill out the brief pre screen application and one of our

member/owners will contact you when they wish to fill a position in there Company.